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Bid For Signed Richarlison Shirt In Aid Of People’s Place

Everton star Richarlison has donated a personally signed shirt to Everton in the Community to assist the charity with its ongoing fundraising for its mental health focused campaign, ‘The People’s Place’.

The Brazilian international has gifted EitC a signed home shirt which has been expertly framed and would make a great addition to any home or office. It is available to bid for on online now with the starting bid commencing at £250.

All money raised from the online auction will go towards The People’s Place, Everton in the Community’s £1million fundraising campaign to develop, build and maintain a purpose-built mental health facility close to Goodison Park that will support anyone in times of need.

There is a danger mental health issues can go undetected. Unlike physical health problems such as broken bones, mental health issues can be invisible to all but those experiencing them. In many cases, however, the consequences can be no less painful.

Many will suffer in silence, unaware that helpful and supportive treatments are available. The People’s Place aims to lift the lid on the ‘taboo’ subject of mental health and encourage people to talk more freely and openly when they are experiencing problems.

One in four people experience poor mental health each year whilst suicide kills 150 people across Merseyside per year. Mental illness and suicide are significant public health challenges and are more common in significantly deprived inner-city areas such as L4.

Almost the entire ward of Everton falls into the most deprived five percent of neighbourhoods nationally.

The People’s Place will provide an overarching service to all individuals, regardless of age, gender or location, to promote positive mental health and support related to suicide awareness and prevention.

To place a bid for Richarlison’s signed shirt, please click here.

Want to get involved?

If you think that you can help in anyway, either personally or through your business, then please get in touch.