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Need Help?

Everton in the Community has been helping tackle issues around mental health for over a decade, and works in partnership with a number of organisations that can provide dedicated and personalised support.

If you feel like you, or anyone you know, may benefit from this support, even if it is as simple as wanting a place to clear your head or someone to talk to, get in touch with Everton in the Community and we can help.

There are a number of ways to get in touch, and we will be back in touch as soon as we possibly can:

There are always times when things can’t wait for a reply. Mental health charity ‘Chasing the Stigma’ have delivered the ‘Hub of Hope’ website and app, to help point people in the right direction of immediate need.

Want to get involved?

If you think that you can help in anyway, either personally or through your business, then please get in touch.