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The Project

Everyone has mental health in the same way that everyone has physical health

This can fluctuate depending on difficulties and challenges we all face at times in our lives. It is important to understand when you might need to get some help or support with how you are feeling – or to know when perhaps you may be experiencing a more serious problem.

Mental illnesses, unlike broken bones, are invisible to everyone but those experiencing them, but their reality is no different and no less painful. Many will suffer in silence, unaware that helpful and supportive treatments are available.

One in four people experience poor mental health each year.

Suicide kills 114 people across Merseyside each year.

84 men a week (one person every two hours) die by suicide in the UK.

The People’s Place aims to lift the lid on the ‘taboo’ subject of mental health and encourage people to talk more freely and openly when they are experiencing problems. Promoting positive mental health and encouraging conversations about mental health will help improve the health of individuals. This is important as improved mental health is associated with a range of better outcomes for people of all ages and backgrounds including improved physical health and life expectancy, better educational achievement, increased skills, reduced health risk behaviours, reduced risk of mental health problems and suicide and higher levels of social interaction and participation.

Want to get involved?

If you think that you can help in anyway, either personally or through your business, then please get in touch.